1. School-based Primary Literacy Programme – Reading for P.1-3 students
    • To promote the use of storytelling, reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading and independent reading as strategies for teaching reading.
  2. Keys 2 Literacy Development Programme for P.4-6 students
    • To develop students’ reading and writing skills progressively through a variety of learning and teaching strategies
  3. Literacy Development across Curriculum for P.4-6 students
    • To promote literacy development across curriculum
  4. Online E-reading Platform for P.1-6 students
    • To promote and cultivate a culture of reading in English
  5. Catering for learner diversity 
    • Adopt various strategies to cater for learner diversity, such as graded learning and teaching materials to suit students of different needs, interests, abilities and learning styles, and e- learning tools.